Protective Chemical Apron

Protects the user from any harm

Prevent damage to the skin and other parts of the body

A chemical apron protects the user from any harm that a particular chemical is potential of giving. A chemical apron is usually employed especially when a person is handling, pouring or mixing pesticides and other forms of hazardous chemicals as these may cause certain damage to the skin and other parts of body. In fact, some chemicals may cause irritation, burns, and some unfavorable conditions.

Now, if you are working in laboratories and you are exposed to chemicals, you definitely need a chemical apron. Where to find one? There are actually a number of stores and shopping centers on the web these days that can provide you with the chemical apron that really suits your need.

For particular mention, there is :

Which was basically established in 1987 as an ultimate center for workwear products. It is interesting to know that this company is now considered as a major distributor of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) of all the leading brands on the market, however the company had maintained that they are still keeping their links with manufacturer and have also moved into the service side of product guided by the philosophy of taking the items from cradle to grave. now features their Green PVC chemical apron that comes in 48 inches length by 36 inches width.

There is also : Another well-known portal online where you can find a particular chemical apron that will surely suit your needs. Their chemical apron is actually known for its name BELF24502-0000, which is considered as a great beta blocking or chemical apron. As a chemical apron, it is then understandable that this item basically protects the user from aggressive chemicals. It is a 3.2 mm (1/8") thick, 51 cm (20") wide and 82 cm (32 1/4") long chemical apron with straps that place the weight on the shoulders rather than the neck. It is as well as interesting to know that this chemical apron weighs 3.35 pounds and comes in a black color.

Finally, Is out there offering the Ansell Neoprene Chemical Apron. As it is maintained, this item is actually one of the CPP heavy-duty chemical aprons that offer a wide spectrum of protection. Since it is made in neoprene styles, it is then somewhat understandable that this chemical apron is resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Much interesting to know is the fact that aside from neoprene styles, this chemical apron may also come in Hycar styles, which is a tough blend ideal for grease and animal fats in cold conditions. This chemical apron is even available in Urethane styles that generally offer lightweight comfort as well as long wear.