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French Maid Apron For The Expressive Personality

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French Maid Apron For The Ultimate Expression Fashion is something that everyone can participate in. People are different with varying styles and personalities so it is no surprise for someone to be searching for a themed apron that will allow the individual to express themselves. Or simply you may want to express your humor.

A french maid themed apron can be both stylish and funny whether it is worn by a man or woman. The use of an apron of this type is likely to be around the making of food or as a french maid costume for a party. Either way it would be a point of interest to everyone and a great conversation starter. Aprons such as these will help protect your clothing while you cook and also spice up your love life to boot. You could buy a ready made apron or have a go at making one yourself. There are free or purchased patterns for making french maid aprons and should not be very hard to make even for a novice sewing person. If you are considering buying the pattern you would expect some instructions to support you but the free patterns may be a little short on help.

Most french maid aprons are made of cotton based material but some are actually made of polyurethane and are more durable. Cotton is the preferred material and is it is east to find suitable colors and patterns that would match the maid theme with black and white being the dominant colors used. The waist ties would be white and pockets could be white too. Cute styling with shorter lengths such as seen in pinafore styling would be the way to go and some white frills around the hem to provide structure and break the dominant black color.

Pockets are optional but is recommended they be included in the kitchen variety of the apron. For use as a party costume it wouldn't be necessary to stitch in pockets although it would be handy to have if you had some props such as a feather duster.
Anime cosplay french maid costumes can be quite elaborate with full frontal coverage and arm length gloves. Making an anime cosplay apron would take longer and needs higher sewing skills but the end result would be more spectacular. Leggings and cute bow tied shoes or for a different impression stiletto shoes would just add to the picture, ensuring you would be the center of attention. Perfect accompaniments to consider are accessories such as a feather duster or a frilly head decoration, knee length stockings, garters and of course white gloves. While there are different types of maid aprons the french maid apron has a certain flirty naughtiness which is both sexy and humorous.