Specialty Aprons

Specialty Aprons are different aprons for differnt applications

Many wholesale styles of specialty aprons

Wondering where in the planet you can find specialty aprons? Wanna know the names of companies that offer specialty aprons? Well, if your answer to these is affirmative, then this page is perfect for you. Here you will definitely know the names of some companies out there on the virtual world that are trusted for being the ultimate portals for specialty aprons. You will even know the hottest models of specialty aprons that are available on the market these days as I will mention a few of them here. So, if you are really interested to know them by yourself, then you read on.


E-Boltex.com has actually 55 years of success in the manufacturing of textiles for the hospitality industry. This company is actually one of the elite few companies online who have been chosen to be one of the leading distributors of Milliken fabrics. Hence, all of the specialty aprons maintained by E-Boltex.com are made from Milliken fabrics, one of the highly acclaimed types of fabric due to its great look and feel. Just recently, E-Boltex.com featured five specialty aprons, each noted for great quality and style. To mention but one, there is the AW-DN-SW model of specialty aprons which is basically a stonewashed denim bib apron that measures 30 inches long with a plastic neck buckle as well as three 6 �" pockets across its front. This model is deemed as the mostly sought after specialty apron among the five models, and it is highly made available these days along with the other four.


CAUInc.com is also out there on the web serving as one of the ultimate portals for specialty aprons. This company is now holding a number of wholesale styles of specialty aprons, and these are greatly available including striped aprons, tuxedo and v-neck aprons, international aprons, other than the smocks, bolero-style vests, and a lot more. One of these mentioned styles are believed to be the perfect style for specialty aprons. Much interesting to know is the fact that their smocks and specialty aprons all qualify as logo apparel, thus they are well-fitted to embroidering or screen printing your company logo. CAUInc.com is now holding about fifteen specialty aprons that vary according to design, and colors, but all of them are of high quality.


Lastly, GalaSource.com is out there bringing a wide selection of specialty aprons for those who are looking for it. Just like the above mentioned sites, this too is considered as the ultimate shopping center for such items as they provide not just a great selection of specialty aprons, but also of other related items that are valuable. To mention but one, this company is now featuring their cobbler specialty apron of one size that fits all. Just like the other specialty aprons in the line, this item is highly acclaimed for its quality and style.